A New Path


How old are you? Are you where you want to be with your life? My answer for myself is “Too old to be where I am at.” In general, the answer is “No, I’m not where I imagined where I would be.” It’s time for a change. A change could be:

  • something sought out
  • something that is forced
  • is presented to you.

Something sought out, meaning that you were actively looking for a change in your life. Forced, such as a life event changing the direction of your current path. Having a choice presented to you is what had happened to me this month.

I typically do not listen to ads on the radio while driving. In fact, music is just something to listen to besides the traffic zipping along. Something caught my selective hearing with an ad. It was actually more of a mini infomercial. It was like a two minute ad. At least it felt like two minutes.

The end result is that it lead me to a mini two-day presentation. A presentation providing more information on the subject matter at hand. No real meat on the information I was looking for. Next was a three day class. A little more information, but still not quite enough to do anything with. Between the two classes, it did provide enough information as to whether I would like to move forward with more pricier options of learning curriculum.

I now had a choice to make a decision. A decision on a path that has just been presented to me. A path I had been looking for, is now in front of me. Before the two previous presentations, I had already known the value of what was being shown. My question was, whether or not, what was being shown was in line with the risks I was willing to take. The answer was yes. But, it was not without some risk. On my path to freedom through financial independence. I had to get a loan. With that loan, I get an education from people who had been and still are, where I would like to be. In essence, I get to learn from the pros.

This month I get to start a new path. One towards a better future and more freedom. A path away from survival mode that society has placed on me.

When was the last time you have asked yourself if you are where you want to be?